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ИК пастеризаторы Infrared Pasteurizers
For efficient, affordable protection against cross-contamination, you can’t beat a Unitherm Infrared Pasteurizer. Our systems are approved by USDA FSIS and recognized for post-process, pre-package surface pasteurization for RTE deli products, like turkey, ham, and roast beef.

The product is pre-cooked,... More
Водные пастеризаторы Water Pasteurizers
Pasteurizing smoked meat, roasted turkey or ham, or RTE hot dogs? Our AquaFlow Pasteurizers are approved by USDA FSIS and recognized for the post-process and post-package pasteurization of RTE deli products.

The product is pre-cooked, chilled, packaged, and then pasteurized for 2 to 3 minutes. ... More
Спиральные пастеризаторы Spiral Pasteurizers
Eliminate cross-contamination and increase shelf life with spiral pasteurization. Approved by USDA FSIS, our Spiral Pasteurizers are designed for pre- and post-package pasteurization of ready meals, trays, pouches, and more. Our pasteurizers are purpose-built for dry heat or steam applications, and ... More
Turnkey delivery and installation of food equipment
  • Sale and commissioning of AMTeK innovative equipment for tempering of  raw materials through non-alternative method of microwave defrosting providing for extra short payback period.
  • Supply of unique footprint American equipment Unitherm to be applied for heat treatment of all product types extending their shelf life.
  • Production of ingredients for meat processing.
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