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Tunnel of Fire™

Want an authentic flame braised product without all the hassle? Our Tunnel of Fire is a unique flash roasting system for flame-searing chicken or hams and other large meat products. Using multiple ring-shaped ribbon burners, the Tunnel of Fire flame sears all sides of the product at a rate of 4 to 15 units a minute.

The Tunnel of Fire can be applied before cooking to achieve maximum flame searing with minimum yield loss or after cooking for pasteurization.

  • Dimensions:
  • 3.9’ (1.2 m) wide x 5.9’ (1.8 m) long x 8.2’ (2.5 m) tall
  • Belt width:
  • 12” (300 mm)
  • Capacity:
  • 440 – 880 lbs (200 – 400 kg) per hour

Туннель Огня индейка Tunnel of Fire Deli Turkey
Туннель огня фаршированный окорок Юнитерм Tunnel of Fire Stuffed Ham
Туннель огня ветчина Юнитерм Tunnel of Fire Turkey Ham
Туннель огня мясные рулеты Юнитерм Tunnel of Fire Meat Logs Large
Туннель огня Ветчина Юнитерм Tunnel of Fire Ham
Туннель огня индейка с паприкой Юнитерм Tunnel of Fire Paprinka Turkey
Туннель огня Жаренная утка Юнитерм Tunnel of Fire Roast Duck
Обжигание зеленых томатов для приготовления соуса Юнитерм Flame Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Proces
Туннель огня Индейка Tunnel of Fire Turkey
Туннель огня Юнитерм Tunnel of Fire Series
Туннель огня приготовление курицы Юнитерм Tunnelf of Fire Fully Cooked Flame Roasted Whole Chic
Turnkey delivery and installation of food equipment
  • Sale and commissioning of AMTeK innovative equipment for tempering of  raw materials through non-alternative method of microwave defrosting providing for extra short payback period.
  • Supply of unique footprint American equipment Unitherm to be applied for heat treatment of all product types extending their shelf life.
  • Production of ingredients for meat processing.
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