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Rapidflow Linear Oven

Unitherm’s Linear Rapidflow Oven has multiple independently controlled zones with an adjustable airflow pattern. This unique circulating air stream of high velocity air recirculated through the heat exchanger 60 times every 2 ½ seconds creates a perfect thermal atmosphere for rapid, uniform cooking or browning of any product. Whether you’re roasting whole birds, cooking pies or quiches, or browning deli products, the Rapidflow is a highly versatile with a temperature range up to 650°F (350°C).

  • Baking, roasting, steaming, or a combination
  • Time, temperature, fan, humidity control
  • Multiple independent zones
  • Modular system
  • Multiple recipe selection
Profitability and Efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Minimal downtime
  • Gas or electric versions
Cleanability and Reliability
  • Inline belt wash
  • C.I.P. system
  • Sloping floor and drain
  • Ethernet support
  • AMI sanitary design, CE approved

Линейная печь Рапидфлоу окорок на кости Юнитерм Rapidflow Glazed Bone In Ham Large
Линейная печь Рапидфлоу Юнитерм RAPIDFLOW Large
Приготовление ветчины с хрустящей корочкой в линейной печи Рапидфлоу Юнитерм Rapidflow Crunchy
Линейная печь Рапидфлоу Копчение и Обжарка Rapidflow Inline Smoking & Browning Virgina Ham
Turnkey delivery and installation of food equipment
  • Sale and commissioning of AMTeK innovative equipment for tempering of  raw materials through non-alternative method of microwave defrosting providing for extra short payback period.
  • Supply of unique footprint American equipment Unitherm to be applied for heat treatment of all product types extending their shelf life.
  • Production of ingredients for meat processing.
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