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Спиральные Чиллеры Spiral Chillers and Freezers
Just like our Linear Chillers and Freezers, our Spiral Chillers and Freezers to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination for pre-package RTE products. While they can be used on their own, these chillers are designed to be paired with our Spiral Ovens as part of a continuous cook-chill process. A continuous... More
Установки для заморозки до образования корочки на поверхности продукта Crust Freezers
For efficient slicing, the optimal temperature for ham and turkey logs is 21° to 25°F (-6° to -4°C) on the surface and 34°F (1°C) at the core. Unitherm’s patented crust freezing technology optimizes the condition of every log as an inline process.

Our Crust Freezers freeze the surface of every ... More
Линейные Чиллеры и Морозильные камеры Linear Chillers and Freezers
Eliminate the risk of cross-contamination when chilling or freezing pre-package RTE products with our hygienically designed Linear Chillers and Freezers. Popular applications include crusting, chilling or freezing. Our chillers and freezers use a hot steam step post-CIP to sterilize even the innermost... More
Водные Чиллеры Аквафлоу Aquaflow Water Chillers
For heat transfer, there’s nothing more efficient than water. Our AquaFlow Water Chillers are custom-built to achieve the crucial final 3 degrees of chilling (to 4°C) in a short time, using the perfect combination of water volume, movement, and recirculation. These systems provide a unique and efficient... More
Turnkey delivery and installation of food equipment
  • Sale and commissioning of AMTeK innovative equipment for tempering of  raw materials through non-alternative method of microwave defrosting providing for extra short payback period.
  • Supply of unique footprint American equipment Unitherm to be applied for heat treatment of all product types extending their shelf life.
  • Production of ingredients for meat processing.
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